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Data = Understanding

Data Solutions

Our mission is to provide your business with the most accurate and reliable data possible.  We understand that in today's world data moves in mili-seconds, requiring secure connections to consume it or publish it.  Carnwennan's data experts can provide solutions and tools that will provide your business the information it needs to make decisions.

Mike Schmoker

“Things get done only if the data we gather can inform and inspire those in a position to make a difference.”


Data Security

Authorize the People that Matter

Our team takes data security seriously.  Ensuring that your data is properly stored, encrypted and accessed securely is one of the core missions of  our data management team.  Our team understands data regulations and we ensure that we help develop the most secure solution against some of the industries leading data standards, HIPAA, HITECH, PCI, NIST PII and others.

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Internet of Things - IoT

Understand Your End Points

Our end-to-end IoT solutions grant smart industries, smart living and smart enterprises the ability to connect assets and services to your business pipeline by providing real-time data through smart integrations.  Our promise is that we empower your business to:

  • Connect and scale with efficiency.

  • Analyze and Act on new data.

  • Integrate and transform business processes.

  • Improve decision making with machine learning capabilities.

  • Design, develop, integrate, deploy and manage end to end IoT processes.

  • Integrate IoT solutions with existing enterprise architecture.


Data Migration

Integrity of Your Data is Important

Allow our team of data experts to help move your data from one end point to another leveraging our proven methodology:

  • Establish data migration processes using templates and guides

  • Identify legacy sources and toolkits needed to formulate requirements for data migration

  • Generate profiles of data sets and drive analytics

  • Develop, review and secure approval for mapping and ETL transformations

  • Perform data migration testing and simulations

  • Perform blue green cutover, data validation and customer validation.


Data Anonymization

Make all Data Equal

Our skilled group of data consultants have been working in the data field for over 15 years and have extensive experience in modern tools and methodologies required for Data Anonymization.  Data Anonymization isn't a new concept but it is a growing interest among Big Data, IoT, Cyber Security and Data Analysis fields.  We understand that not everyone's data is the same and understand that every engagement will be unique, which is why we implore several techniques that can help you obscure your data.   

  • Encrypting personally identifiable information

  • K-anonymity

  • Generalization

  • Perturbation

Let our team come in and evaluate what type of solution works best for your data needs.


Data Visualization

Visualize Your Data

All organizations collect data on a daily basis and spend millions trying to understand what they collect.  Leveraging different Visualization tools to look at a dataset in a way that makes sense.  We take a different approach:

  1. Understand Business problems, understand what your business wants to do, understand what your market needs.   Mapping your data is the most critical step to knowing how to use it.

  2. Connect your data, once we have mapped your data we start establishing relationships and data connections, making your data relevant and consumable.

  3. Identify tools and technologies that align with your business and provide your organization the capabilities to visualize its data.

  4. Develop smart data sets leveraging algorithms and machine learning to quickly aggregate your data to provide your organization analytics that can give your real-time data to make decisions for your organization.

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