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CWN IT (Carnwennan) offers the comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to help your business achieve its goals through secure IT solutions.  Unlike other competitors, our portfolio of services targets security-driven methodologies, technologies, and subject areas that customers and partners alike continue to rely on.


Let our team of experts help your business with critical decisions that will transform the way your company does business today.


“Security at speed”— Capabilities based on a set of best practices designed to help organizations develop secure solutions from the inception of their design.  The results are an automated solution coded with security tests and fixes within the workflow, making secure solutions an inevitable outcome for DevOps approaches.


Let CWN IT bring our approach to your organization, save time, cost, and enhance security.

DevSecOps, Bridging the Gap between 


and Your IT Solutions

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Using Automation to Improve Business

Today's businesses require a faster workforce in tune with the rapidly changing landscape of IT.  Software is driving the next generation of industrial business outcomes. Whether in the cloud, on-premise, or both,  businesses require integrators that can bridge Business Needs, Technology, and Security into one solution.   CWN IT can provide the integration needed for this transformation.

Ready to Migrate to the Cloud

Let Carnwennan lead your business into its next evolution by migrating your systems to the cloud of your choosing.

Step 1

Cloud Readiness and Assessment

1.  Understand the scope of your solution.
2.  Understand the type of data moving.
3.  Define what matters to you.
4.  Understand your budget.

Step 2

Develop Your Approach

1.  Choosing the right cloud.
2.  Create data Migration Plan.
3.  Identify Migration Tools.
4.  Develop Support Plan.

Step 3

Deploy and Manage

1.  Establish Performance Goals.
2.  Ensure Security boundaries are in place.
3.  Enable Monitoring tools.
4.  Validate Test Cases.

Aegis Guardian Cloud based Intrusion Detection and Prevention Solution

Real-Time Threat Prevention

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